How Does Hot Weather Affect Trees?

How does hot weather affect trees

How does hot weather affect trees? A lot of people often wonder about this, especially after a particularly long and sticky summer or winter in the Madison, Wisconsin. Luckily for us, autumn is the prime time when trees can be affected by extreme temperatures; however, the question is whether or not they are at risk from this type of weather regardless of the season. The answer is yes, however the extent to which they are at risk will vary depending on a number of factors.

Trees do need to cool down in hot weather, so as a rule of thumb, a good rule of thumb is to wait for showers before you prune your tree. When the temperatures start to rise again, such as after a thunderstorm, then it is probably time to get out your watering can (or in some cases a water pump) and give your tree a watering. On days when the heat does not seem to be going anywhere, such as early autumn or in the spring, consider pruning early during a hot spell. This way you can avoid having to prune your trees when the heat starts to die out.

It is very important that you give your trees the correct amount of water. If you are not going to supply them with a constant water supply, then it is likely that they will struggle when it comes to maintaining their health and may even die. As such, it is advisable to water your trees adequately on a daily basis, but not so much that you over-water them as this could lead to root rot and other harmful conditions for your tree.

Another risk is shaded. Sunlight can cause damage to the bark of a tree by warping it, increasing the risk of rot. Hot sun is also likely to cause the growth on your tree to slow down, leaving it vulnerable to disease. So although the sun may make your tree feel cosy and nice and may give it the appearance of being healthy and green, it is actually very dangerous and should be avoided if possible.

The final risk is seedlings. Seedlings are likely to be harmed by the extreme heat and the heat could eventually kill them, so if you are growing seedlings, then it is important that you take measures to protect them. There are some excellent sprays available that will protect seedlings from heat and many gardeners use these. There is also some excellent organic spray available which will help to guard against heat, although the cost of organic tends to be higher than that of chemical sprays.

If you have trees, then you are probably aware that they need to be protected from the extremes of weather that are part and parcel of the Australian summer. If you are planning to plant or grow a tree in your backyard, then you need to understand how does hot weather affect trees. And, if you are not prepared, then you may end up wasting your money on sprays and other expensive supplies. So, what do you do? Put a bit of effort into it and protect your trees from heat.

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